Allan A. Balud

ASPIRING MAROONS. Mrs. Maria Elvie T. Jariolne, resource speaker in copyreading and headline writing, shared her expertise to young journalist aspirants during the three-day School-Based Press Conference, May 10-12, via google meet. The virtual seminar serves as a refresher and as a qualifying activity as well for the Caviteñan Editorial Board.

The Caviteñan and Ang Caviteñan, the official school paper of Cavite National High School in English and Filipino, recently conducted its annual School-Based Press Conference (SPC), May 10-12 via virtual meet.

Aspiring journalists from junior high and senior high participated in the three-day event that serve as a virtual seminar and qualifying exam for the school paper editorial board.

Due to the current pandemic, the School-Based Press Conference is done through virtual means for the first time in its long history.

“Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon ay gaganapin ang School-Based Press Conference sa isang birtwal na pamamaraan. Ito ay nagpapakita ng pagpapatuloy ng jornalismo sa kabila ng umiiral na pandemya,” according to Ms. Jeaneveve Nonan, Head Teacher VI of the Filipino Department. “Nagpapakita ito na patuloy parin tayong nakikisabay sa hamon ng panahon.”

Competent speakers from elementary and secondary gave lectures for different individual categories namely Mr. Sherwin Enero for Photojournalism, Mrs. Ayesha Mandigma for News Writing, Mrs. Elvie Jariolne for Copyreading and Headline Writing, Mr. Bernardo Aguay for Sports Writing, Editorial Cartooning, and Science Writing and Mr. Sherlito Caberto for Editorial, Column Writing, and Feature Writing.

Kirk Jed S. Trancillas of Grade 7-ODL30 bagged the first place for Copyreading and Headline Writing followed by Rosh Angelu D. Somblingo (G8- ODL 29) in second and Maria Venice M. Dumlao (Grade 7 – ODL 30) in third.

Samantha Emmanuelle C. Arciaga (G7-ODL30) won first place in Science Writing with Pheobe Gilien Paiste (G7-ODL35), Sung Cho Lee (STEM-12C) and Ron Jhiro Roqnuillo (G9-ODL29) in second, third and fourth respectively.

In Feature Writing, Sabina Marie C. Aciaga (G8-ODL36) grabbed the highest honor followed by Tarah Angelique Bilang (G9-ODL30) in second, Ysabelle Kirsten Olaes (STEM-11C) in third, Jaymee Lynn Arcilla (G0-ODL27) in fourth, Jean Azumi Martin (G7-MDL17) in fifth place, Deizelle Eirene Peraro (G7-ODL35) in sixth and Eleina Mae Ponce (ABM12-A) in seventh place.

Abdurrahman Bausing (STEM-11C), Dan Francis De Castro (STEM-12B), Neil Ryley Fernandez (G10-MDL5) and Gerard Caldejon (HUMSS-11F) were the top writers in Editorial Writing while Khaetie Delos Reyes (G7-ODL35), Phoebe Gilien Paiste (G7-ODL35) and Cierika Myles Aquino (G10-ODL29) for News Writing.

Sports writers Lorraine Alexandra Tamondong (G8-ODL29), Princess Gilei Paiste (STEM-11D), Chelsey Gelyn Suniega (STEM-11B) and Mary Elenor Dela Cuadra (G7-ODL33) were the top four in the said category.

Ramira Grace Mejia (G8-ODL34) came as the runner up for Abdurrahman Bausing (STEM -11C) in Column Writing.

“Masaya kami sa naging kinalabasan ng Virtual School-Based Press Con pero dahil nga virtual ay mas kaunti ang mga nakilahok nitong taon kumpara nung mga nakaraan, pero kumpyansa padin kami na mga magagaling ang ating mga kalahok nayong taon,” said Shastine Robles, The Caviteñan Adviser.

The winners will represent the school in the upcoming Division Schools Press Conference in June.